AcuTrac 22 Pro News:

The AcuTrac22 Pro is designed to be an aid in aligning satellite antennas so they can provide maximum performance. Please be aware of the fact that there are numerous satellites which will cause the AcuTrac22 Pro to respond with a signal reading. The installer must select the correct satellite(s) for alignment. It is quite easy to select the wrong satellite and find that the satellite receiver indicates “No Signal”. The software provided with the satellite receiver can provide the elevation and azimuth of the satellite(s) desired. With this information in-hand and a goodcompass you can point the antenna in the proper direction. Then, with the aid of the AcuTrac22 Pro, the performance of the antenna can be maximized by watching the tuning bar and digital strength readings. Please take time to read this instruction manual so you will be familiar with the capabilities of the AcuTrac22 Pro.

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